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side view
side view  
I have in my possession a large oil on canvas that is signed Evan Mitchell.   it is approximately 60" diagonally and is "impressionistic" in style. It has an "old world" feel as it is a landscape still (perhaps of the french or english countryside) that has a river in the foreground that crosses under typical stone arched bridge on the left and two boats tied ashore on the right.  An inn or villa with slate roof and stone is placed in  the middle  (center and right) right side of the artwork. It has some modern elements such as lamp posts in front of the building and on the bridge.  

what is most interesting about this piece is that the water actually "runs" from left to right (in texture), the building is vertical (in texture) and the sky and nature elements are just blotches without hardly any texture.  none of this is noticeable from across the room.  It is only noticed up close or by feel.

I have researched the name Evan Mitchell and have only come up with an abstract modern artist (definitely not know for this more traditional style) and an author.

Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.   I have had this piece for years and often wonder about the mysterious artist.  

Ty, I could not find any catalogs for Evan Mitchell. I did find an Evan Blanche Mitchell in the "Who Was Who in American Art" 3 volume set ( ). He was a sculptor born in 1872 in the USA.

Since I was not able find auction records of any sales by Evan Mitchell either, it is safe to assume that there is not a large collector base for him. Nonetheless, the piece is beautiful. It has the colorful dabs of paint to create the landscape like Impressionist founder Monet, but with double the use of color (compare to ).

I will keep an eye out for any more information by this artist, and will let you know if I find anything.


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