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Fiala Painting
Fiala Painting  
Hi, I'm looking for info and value on this painting. It's signed Emanuel Fiala, approx 24"H x 36"W, has remains of an old note on the back stating the Artist lived in Urfahr upper Austria, later moved to a Studio in Linz (Capitol of upper Austria). I have searched the Internet and found nothing except an Emil Fiala. I can send more or better pictures if needed. Thanks, Greg

Unfortunately I too was unable to find any information on the artist.  Based on the style it appears to be early Twentieth Century in the Nineteenth Century style (depicting an Eighteenth Century scene).  There were many skilled artists that received no real academic training that supplied numerous paintings for the tourist trade in Europe during the early Twentieth Century century.  Value wise its more decorative than anything else.  For Insurance valuation I would say around $1200 to $1500. Be aware though that the market value would be far less.

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