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I recently purchased a bronze on a marble base.  It is signed "Josef Hoffmann" on the back of the bronze.  I am new to collecting bronzes and was hoping you might recognize the artist's name and be able to tell me a little more about him.  Also, I was told the piece was circa 1910; do you think that is correct? Finally, do you recognize the figure throwing the rock depicted in the bronze?  I would appreciate any insights you might have on the sculpture.

Attached is a photo of the bronze.  Since I am unable to attach multiple images, I will send an e-mail with a photo of the signature separately.

Thank you in advance,

I believe the bronze depicts Cadmus a figure Greek Mythology.  As for the artist, I was unfortunately unable to find the artist on either the subscription databases or my art reference material.  It is a fine bronze though and I think the date of 1910 is about right.  It is odd though the way it is signed.  It is etched or scratched in as opposed to being cast into the sculpture.  I am not sure why but none the less it is uncommon for a sculptor of that period to sign in such a manner.

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