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I recently acquired what appears to be an original woodcut by Durer, but have no way of knowing for sure. It is on thick paper, which from the reverse has faint lines about 1 1/2" apart (laid paper?). The ink is thick and deep black and there is a faint stamped mark on the back. Can you help me identify this as possbily being an original? I do have very high quality scans of the whole image (Samson Killing the Lion) and high resolution closeups of parts of the work.


Durer woodcut, signed in the plate in the bottom right
Durer woodcut, signed  
Durer woodcuts are usually on what is described as "fine laid paper". It is pretty thin. The popular suites are Apocalypse, Large Passion, Engraved Passion, Small Passion, and Life of the Virgin. As you may know, his signature is signed in the plate and looks like an 'A' with a 'D' underneath it.

The stamp on the back may be a collector's stamp. These types of markings can help build provenance for a piece if you can verify its origins.

You can browse these Albrecht Durer woodcuts for an idea of their worth. Old Master Prints such as Durer and Rembrandt tend to be found in connoisseur's collection.

For a more accurate appraisal of your work, I recommend sending an email to Alex Adelman (email: alex at with attached high quality images of the piece and any outstanding marks (such as the stamp on the back). Adelman deals with Durer woodcuts daily and will be happy to take a look at this piece.

This should help you get started. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

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