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I was referred to you and after checking out this experts site I decided to drop you a line to see if you can help me out with something that was in my Grandparent's attic for years.
The item is an old print of Peter Bruegel's "The Peasant Feast". or " The Wedding Feast". One of Mr. Bruegel's famous work which is hanging in the museum in Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien in Vienna.
The print in my possession is unusual (to me ). It's on a piece of hardboard, smooth on one side and rough on the other. On the back there are 2 notes, where the print was purchased "The Arts and Craft Shop" in Kingston Ontario. The other has the name of the painter, the painting and where the original is. The print was done by Anton Schroll in Wien Vienna. Also written in pencil is the year 1933.
This is where I have run into a brick wall. I found all information on the painting and the painter in question, but I'm at a loss when i look up the printer (Anton Schroll). They have a lot of books and last one was printed in 1984 and I cannot find anything else on them. The note on the back also states that this is # G 103. I have found a small catalogue with the print in question when I went to the arts gallery here in Ottawa. I think the catalogue was mailed out to art stores if they asked for it.
The Arts gallery found this print unusual also especially with the information on the back of it. But they could not tell me anything more on the origin of it. But they also said that they had no idea if there was a value on it or not because they had not seen anything like it. They told me to try and find out mre and do more research on it. I'm at a dead end. It would be great if you could help me out with this. Do you think there is any value to this print?Thank you in advance
I have attached a couple of pics so you see what I'm talking about.
Yvon Lavergne
Ottawa Ontario

Hi Yvon,

I am not familiar with this printer. I have not been able to uncover any information about him at all in the Artprice database either, which probably means he does not have a large following.

I recommend contacting Christies or Sothebys as they may have an expert who knows this printer/artist. You can also attend a Bonham's Valuation Day .

The attached images did not come through. Feel free to send them to me in another question. Best of luck to you.


Andrew Evans

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