I have a Trood painting title "The Intruders".  Large oil on canvas purchased from Hammer Galleries in the early 60's.  Signed in red on left side.  Size is appr. 2ft by three feet.   Probably a little larger. As I am writing this email I am not in the city the painting is.    The theme is a mother dog with her pups climbing all under her and she is in a barn with two chained dauschunds coming in the barn door.  The painting is in excellent condition.   Have you any knowledge on this painting?   

Thanky you so much for your time.

William Henry Hamilton Trood (Br.1848-1899). He was not a long-lived artist, but his works are quite desireable. Trood specialized in painting genre, farm scenes, and animals. His paintings could go anywhere from $5,000-$40,000.

If I could be of any more assistance let me know. I have clients who might be interested in quality paintings such as yours.

I would love to see a picture.
Thank You, Joe.

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