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I'm trying to find some info on Unger's engraving: "Hunting the Wild Boar." Only
reference I can find is at It doesn't appear
to be an exact replica of a Synders painting. When was it made? How do you tell
if you have an old, original engraving? What is the appearance of the paper, the
ink, etc.? Thanks!

Dear Lori,

I cannot fully answer your questions so I will give you what I can. Wilhelm Unger (1837-1932), was known for his engraved reproductions of other artists' original paintings. He would often change the scene by adding his own interpretation.

Though I cannot find information the exact engraving you are referring to, your print was probably created sometime around the turn of the century. Artists used different papers and inks and therefore an original engraving is not always based on the materials. Check your print for plate marks and make sure it is not a modern offset reproduction by viewing with a high magnification jeweler's loupe. It should have solid lines without a dot pattern.

His work has just recently turning up at auction and most of the images sell for under $100. The hunting scenes would be at the upper end of collecting. You can do a search on eBay and find examples of his original engravings.

I hope this information is helpful.

Kind regards,

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