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Young Girls
Young Girls  
QUESTION: I would so appreciate if you could tell me anything that would help in locating where this painting came from. Thank you so much.

ANSWER: Hi Betsy, could you tell me more about this piece? If there is a signature, take a picture of it so I can check it out. Also, is this on canvas? It looks possibly American contemporary or modern. The fact that the water damage does not move the colors around leads me to believe it is a post reproduction of something. Are there any markings on the back?

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QUESTION: Andrew, these paintings were my Norwegian Grandmothers' who was born in 1913 and is now passed away. Unfortunately, she had the one cropped and pasted to a board. She did save a part of the cropping that was in an envelope in the picture frame which reflects some pencil initials;WAME or WAMC or WHME or WHMC 07. I can't quite tell, but am attaching that too. I have also attached another painting that seems to be from the same painter and shows more details of the actual paint strokes. It is not on canvas and seems to be a very thin old paper of some sort. I hope this helps. Thank you so much for helping me. Betsy  IT WON'T LET ME SEND MORE THEN 1 PICTURE AT A TIME. I WILL SEND MORE AS YOU RESPOND IF YOU WANT.

ANSWER: Okay good so we may have a possible signature. Are there brush strokes (ie grooves in the image from the paintbrush). I haven't received a second or third image yet. Try to send them again, please. And I'll pass them on to a couple experts I know.

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possible signature
possible signature  
QUESTION: The second painting was attached to my last response. The paint strokes are light and I am not sure if it is watercolor paint but it's not oil.

Hi Betsy, I haven't been able to find anyone familiar with this piece. And I have not seen this piece in any auction results in the past decade, meaning it is probably not a highly popular piece. I recommend contacting Christies or Sothebys auction houses. They may have an expert who recognizes this piece. If there's one near you, you can also take it to a Bonham's Valuation Day . I hope this helps, and I wish you the best.


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