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nude woman
nude woman  
Ms. Bodner, There is a pair of paintings in my family that was purchased by our grandfather during his travels in WWII. He traveled all over the world including SE Asia. Although I think the painting looks Aztec other family members think he purchased in Thailand. The one attached is of a nude women worshipping a statue. The other is of a young boy. If you'd like to see that one, I can send at your request.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi Michelle,

I would love to see the other painting. As for this painting it is not a subject that is traditional of Thai art, though he might have purchased it from a Polynesian artist (perhaps even Indonesian or Malaysian artist) who worked in the mainland. The statue being worshiped is not a recognizable deity from mainland Southeast Asia, and the depiction of a semi nude woman is not typical of traditional Southeast Asian art from the mainland either. Nonetheless, the painting could be by a Thai artist trained or inspired by Western style, and this is possible as the work looks to be fairly modern. I see the painting has a signature but I am not able to examine it in the image you uploaded. If you could please include a detail of the signature and any other marks it may have (sometimes found on the canvas in the back of the painting)that would be very helpful. Also looking at the other painting might give me a better idea of the style, subject matter, provenance, etc. I look forward to receiving more information from you. I will also check with some of my colleagues to see what they think.

I hope with a little more information I'll be able to help to identify the works better.

Have a nice evening,


Carolina B.  

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