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Hi Dear Miss Soren Holmstrup,

I'm trying to find out a Franšois Boucher's Expert, it can be somewhere you know, maybe in USA (New York) or even in Europe French (Paris), unfortunately the person who was responsible for this department in the MET Museum died in 1993, Miss Edith A Standen, unfortunately, she is "gone" ...If you Know someone else  really good, please let me know about it...  

Thanks for now,

Best Regards


Dear Everton

To many Alastair Laing is considered the authority on Boucher. If you have something to be authenticated I am sure I can help you in another way since I know lots of people in the trade who are experts on old master paintings and french ones in particular.

my email: if you need to ask a private follow up

Best Regards, Soren

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