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Ted kennedy painting
Ted kennedy painting  
How do you tell a lithograph from a painting or how do you identify a lithograph

Hi Daryl, the easiest way to tell a lithograph from a painting is the plate marks around the edges of the image. Since a lithograph is made from a paper-type medium being pressed against a stone surface, it usually leaves an indentation around the outer edges of the image. Paintings on the other hand have brush strokes all over the image and no plate mark. A painting is 1 of 1 whereas a lithograph is 1 of several, and often times the lithograph will have a piece number such as 1/300, letting you know that it is out of an edition of 300.

I have seen several lithographs that look completely like paintings, though. So it can be difficult to distinguish the two without unframing and looking at the work up close.

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