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lee7857 wrote at 2010-11-02 21:55:39
I recently purchased an oil painting by H.G. Westlund at a yard sale. It is an ocean scene. On the back of the painting is a card with the artist name and address which read: H.G. Westlund

6215 Ackel St. Apt 81-C, Meltairie, La. Phone 887-6889. On the inside of this card it tells about his history...and reads as follows: H.G.Westlund began his formal training in art at the School of Associated Arts in St. Paul, Minn. in 1948. Since that time he has traveled extensively through the United States, recording his inpressions in oil.

Westlund is best known for his portraits, contemporary landscapes and seascapes. His painting reflect a new school - his own - that of painting in dimension. He expresses himself by the use of extreme vibrations in the foreground with darker and receeding lines and tones in the background.

His works have been placed in Europe, Central and North America. In the United States, they may be found in governor's mansions, private homes, and better stores, as well as on tour with Vincent Price collection. One of his paintings , entitled "Little Girl", is valued at $37,000.

* The info card has his picture on the front of it.

shadowtraveller wrote at 2011-10-09 22:57:22
Howdy Cindy,

I too have a painting from this artist and when i put in h.g. westlund in a serch engine, i found myself at this site:

I do hope it will help a little.

ValMal wrote at 2013-06-14 04:08:36
Harold George Westlund was born 2/13/1930 and according to what I found online, he died 2/24/1984 at the age of 54.  He was married to my mother in the 1960s and we lived in Metairie, LA where he was an artist on Jackson Square, and also did commissioned oil paintings.  He is most well known for his swamp scenes, seascapes, sailing ships, and local French Quarter art.  He also lived in Sarasota, Florida (around 1968) and sold his paintings in Tampa; then relocated to the West Coast for a while in the early 1970s.  He had a great talent and was an expert copyist.  He used to talk about living in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota when he was younger.  He was born in Minnesota.  (His parents lived there in the summer time during the 1960s.)  He was also in the Army.  I think he had two sons, one of whom is deceased, from his first marriage.  His paintings sold extremely well in New Orleans and he also hand-made the frames, which were oil-stained to match the predominant colors of the particular paintings.  Very talented man.

ArtEssence wrote at 2013-06-25 17:30:53
ValMal, I have searched in what seems like "forever" for information regarding your father's paintings.  You are an answer to prayer!  I own a painting by your dad which I believe may be titled "Little Girl". I was informed that this particular painting was one in the Vincent Price collection and had been purchased by a man from Europe; I cannot verify if any of this. The subject matter, IMO, is one of the finest pieces your father ever painted.  I would love to know the history behind this beautiful painting, and have questions as to the circumstances that inspired this particular piece. I'm using this post as I have no other means by which to reach you. Also, if you'd like to contact me, I can provide you whatever you need but by what means I'm not sure.  You are blessed having a father with such amazing talent as to see beyond the subject matter directly into the heart and soul of his subjects.  He was one of a kind!


Rose wrote at 2013-08-10 13:38:00
I am happy to find this brief info on Hal Westlund. As a child, I got to be a witness first hand while he painted some of his beautiful works. He and my father, F. O. Lawrence were friends, along with another artist, Phil Thomasson. Frequent trips were made to New Orleans to visit. After my father passed away I received two paintings of Mr. Westlund's that I treasure greatly. All three of these gentlemen, my father, Mr. Westlund and Mr. Thomasson were huge influences in my life and my love of art that I have now become an artist in my own right.  

Joann Williams wrote at 2014-04-10 18:54:39
I also have a swamp painting of H. G. Westland, My family and I lived in the same apartment complex in Metairie, La. He gave us the painting as a gift. We have lived many places since, we always keep this painting with us.

Mary wrote at 2014-07-07 21:48:59
ValMal, so glad you experienced having a talented man such as H. G. Westlund.  We lived in New Orleans back in the 60's and were leaving, but saw one of his paintings around Jackson Square that we liked so, didn't purchase it at that time, but decided to look for it again but couldn't find it.  On our final day in N.O. checked with some of the galleries in New Orleans and finally found the one we liked so much (the swamp in blues and greens.)  We had moved quite a lot with husband's jobs, and the picture has always been hung above our bed.  In fact, I just put it up again as I just moved into a smaller place.

Glad I found this article, and thanks to all who wrote in about your wonderful artist father.   Mary, Sierra Vista, AZ

Terry wrote at 2014-08-23 17:47:37
ValMal;  I purchased a painting from your step-dad in 1967 -68 at Jackson Square in New Orleans.  I had no $$ so I shipped it COD to my parents home with only a small deposit.  The painting has been in three homes in Illinois, one in Carmel, Ind., and now at our home in Southern California.  I will send you a photo of it, if you would like.  It's a high mast ship on the high seas painted on a red valor all in white oils.  Still looks great today.  Let me know if you would like me to send a photo and what your e-mail address is and I'll send to you.   Terry

Jammer22 wrote at 2014-08-26 21:33:29
I just inherited a painting by what I believe is H.G. Westlund. It is a painting of a young girls profile with a single tear streaming down her face with a plain black background. The face is white with an all black background and no other colors. It appears to be on about a 1 inch piece of slate or some other material than canvas. I am not sure of any history of the artist or value of the painting if any. If anyone knows anything about the value of the painting or how I can find it out that would be great.


ValMal wrote at 2015-05-15 00:17:49
Hello to all who responded to my note a year or so ago (this is ValMal, stepdaughter to Hal Westlund-artist). Hal constantly was observant of everything around him, including pictures, magazines, TV, other artists' works, movies; I don't think he "saw" anything that he didn't try to get some ideas from for his paintings.  He was very imaginative with color, and also was aware of what was "popular" in the public's opinion, so he did try to be "in vogue" in what he painted. But since New Orleans (esp. the Quarter) is a tourist attraction, most art buyers wanted "souvenirs" of the Quarter to take to their homes out of state; hence a lot of swamp scenes in a variety of colors.  Hal was very well traveled and had a great love of the ocean, so half of his work was concentrated on the sea and seashore.  I do remember Mr. Lawrence-I think he owned a gallery or a studio, which is how I first met Hal--I took art lessons from him on Saturdays in that studio.  Later on he gave art lessons for adults, also.  As I said, Hal was very talented (I can't stress that enough) and I saw many of his works that were not offered for sale, as he did not think they would be popular enough items for the public.  His portraits were rare, but almost photographically accurate.  They were amazing! I know he returned to Louisiana sometime in the mid 1970's, and I tried to locate him in the Quarter in 1978 through friends and galleries, but had no success. When living in the Bissonet Plaza Apts. (I think that is the name of the ones in Metairie, there on Ackel Street, but it's been a long time-I could be wrong) I know he shared his paintings with friends as gifts.  I know he would be pleased to hear of those of you who have kept his paintings all this time!  As for the "tear drop child", I don't know what his particular inspiration for it was, but knowing him, it was something or someone that he saw which impressed him enough to turn it into a painting.  He was a keen observer of people and noticed small details.  He seemed to know what the public would appreciate and upon what they would not spare a second glance.  As I say, gifted.  I wish that fame could have been his in a larger way, but those who bought his paintings (or were gifted with same) seem to like them, and I think that is what counts.  His parents pre-deceased him; I think his sister and brother-in-law are still in southern California.  I never met his first wife or their two children (and as said previously, I do believe one son died years ago, as in the early '70s).  Hal did have a wonderful imagination and he lived a very colorful life, as you might expect artists in their heyday in the '60s to have done.  He was (and I'm saying this objectively) a very handsome man, very soft-spoken, and extremely well-groomed.  No artist beret or beard, etc.  If anyone has any more questions or I can supply more information, I would be willing to do so.  I will try to check back on this site soon.

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