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I happen to have oil painting, marin sea lendscape sign by
painter J.V.Klevez 1907.I know painting is transport from Berlin,Germani just before second world war. I looked on your site and noticed two more persons wore tracing same painter samtime last year.Do you have any informationon on this painter or what be next step to procide in findig him.

Dear Petar,

I have done research on your painting and I am fairly certain that your painting is by Russian artist Yuliy Yulevich Klever (1850-1924). I have compared the technique, style and several examples of his signature where he signed his paintings J. v Klever. I believe I see a V in his signature, but its absence would not exclude it. He used three different names in his paintings with various signatures. He pseudonyms are  Yuliy Yulevich Klever(1850-1924) ; Julius Sergius VON KLEVER; and Julij Julevic KLEVER.

I will add a few examples for you to compare. You did not tell me the size of the painting, but his larger pieces can go into the mid to high 5 figures. I found one auction example sold for over $130,000 USD. You might want to send photos to the auction houses who have sold their work to get an opinion and estimate of value. You will need to give them the size of the painting as well.

I will list some of his paintings and the auction houses that sold them. Your painting is definitely worth investigating further.

Kind regards,

Seaside Village (1893)
Painting , Oil/canvas (40 3/4x66 7/8 in)
USD 132,059
Estimate GBP 65,000 - 90,000    Macdougall Arts Ltd. , London
UNITED KINGDOM , 6/10/2010
PERSONAL RESEARCH report available

Marina (1907)
Painting , Oil/canvas (23 5/8x35 3/8 in)
Not communicated
Estimate EUR 20,000 - 22,000    Boetto , Genoa GE
ITALY , 11/29/2010
PERSONAL RESEARCH report available

Winter Sunset

Zoom in

Sales date    6/9/2010
  Hammer price    GBP 34,000
EUR 41,089 - USD 49,075 - GBP 34,000
  Estimate    GBP 10,000 - 15,000
  Indicative values     Artprice Indicator

  Category     Painting

  Medium    Oil/canvas
  Location    London (GB)
  Size    40.5x67 cm - ( 16x26 3/8 in)
  Auction house    Sotheby's
  Dated    1893
  Lot number    138
  Distinguishing marks    signed Bas Gauche
  Illustrations    P. 44 of the catalogue
  Notes    & Studio

Street Scene from a Suburb of St.Petersburg in the Pale Evening Sun

Zoom in

Sales date    4/30/2009
  Hammer price    DKK 50,000
EUR 6,715 - USD 8,895 - GBP 6,045
  Estimate    DKK 50,000 - 75,000
  Indicative values     Artprice Indicator

  Category     Painting

  Medium    Oil/canvas
  Location    Copenhagen (DK)
  Size    47x66 cm - ( 18 1/2x26 in)
  Auction house    Bruun Rasmussen
  Dated    1923
  Lot number    242
  Distinguishing marks    Signed dated "J.Klever"
  Illustrations    P. 186 of the catalogue

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