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I have contacted a number of the major auction houses trying to find out an estimated value for a Picasso litho that is pencil signed in lower right corner and then has Mourlot Lith with pencil signed E/A. It also has a COA from a gallery that appears to be no longer in business.  It seems like most auction houses are treating this like an "elephant" and no one wants to address it. The estate originally paid 3600. for this in 1980. I understand the art market has taken a "hit" as well regarding appreciation of art. The major auction houses say this litho falls below their 5k minimum, or flat out states they are not interested in it. Any ideas? Thanks for any direction or help you can offer.

Hi Cindy, auction houses are often very difficult to deal with. They are more in the business of moving large amounts of inventory than attending to each individual's needs. I would definitely recommend that you look into talking with a private art dealer who is experienced in Pablo Picasso lithographs. Here is a list of certified professional art dealers , my favorite being Alex Adelman of California (because Adelman deals with Picasso prints daily and will help you free of charge!).

As far as the COA being from a gallery that is no longer in business, that shouldn't be seen as a problem AT ALL. Plenty of older works have provenance of people, places, and businesses that have not been around for hundreds of years. It is nice when one can refer to the specifics of a previous sale/owner, but it is by no means required. Also, the E/A means that it is an artist proof from a numbered edition (ie. an edition of 50, with 10 artist proofs means there is 60 prints in total)

Please contact me if you have any further questions. I wish you the best.


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