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Fine Art/Print, poster or lithographs? collection of plates


Recently received prints from retired art profs.(antique sale)
Collection of plates from different museums through out world
I think they were used for teaching purposes
Prints are approx 9x12. picture itself 8x10 with border
e.g.  PLATE 77 REHEASAL IN THE FOYER OF THE OPERA  Degas     The Louvere Museum, Paris
    PLATE L12          HEAD Picasso  The Art Institute of Chicago
    PLATE K6     Landscape with ploughed fields Van Gogh Robert
Oppenheimer, Princeton
    PLATE 111 SLOOP,BERMUDA Homer The metropolitan Museum of Art
   PLATE L4   AUTUMN RHYTHM   Pollock The Metropol Museum "" "
  PLATE J9    SKATING  Manet  The Fogg Art Museum,Cambridge
 PLATE25 THE STARRY NIGHT Van Gogh The Museum of Modern Art, NY
PLATE J7 TWO CAFE SINGERS  Degas  Mrs. John WWintersteen,Philadelphia
  PLATE J6  Detail from BATHERS  Renoir  Tyson Collection, Philadelphia
Are these of any value?

Hi Sherry,

As far as I know, there are no VAN GOGH prints that are worth anything. This page expresses similar views

The value of fine art prints is of course very dependent on their authenticity. Next, if they were afterworks or works done posthumously or without the permission of the artist, then that is usually of much less value than an original print done by the artist or under his/her direction. And if they are simply posters, then their value may be nil. That said, you should look for the following:

If unframed, look for watermarks in the paper when held up to the light. Many artists have specific watermarks that are described in their catalog raisonnÚs.

Next, look for signatures and edition numbers, both of which are usually in the bottom right and bottom left respectively.

If you believe that your prints show characteristics beyond a simple poster reproduction, I suggest you take it to an auction house near you, or better yet contact one of these qualified fine art dealers .

I hope this helps, and best of luck to you!

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