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I bought two paintings years ago with the signature "Raoul Dufy".  I did not know who he was, knew nothing about art.  I have looked in vain for any paintings by him in the same genre as the ones I have.  They are 8X10 beautifully crafted seascapes, not at all impressionistic, done in oils on canvas. They picture huge translucent waves and white foam crashing onto rocks, with a couple of seagulls flying above. They have letters "F-A802" and "F-A804" stamped on the backs.  Did he ever paint anything like this?  I can send photos if it would be of any value.  Thank you, Verdie F.

Dear Verdie, these Raoul Dufy lithographs of seascapes are similar to your description. Dufy's works are very lively and enjoyable, in my opinion, especially with his use of color. These Dufy works may also be similar to yours . I do not specialize in Dufy, but feel free to send photos and I can look at them and pass them on to my colleagues who may have more information.

I wouldn't call Dufy an Impressionist, but he WAS influenced by Braque and Monet who did a lot of Impressionist works.


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