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Do you have any idea about this Print.


Though this is outside my field of expertise, which is prints by M. C. Escher, as it happens I have a copy of that same print hanging in my workshop. My print is about six feet long, but yours looks smaller. I bought mine at a tag sale years because it was $12.00 in a frame with glass, it was very long, and a nice view of Amsterdam. I assume, but do not know for sure, that it is a reprint of an engraving from several hundred years ago. As such it would be worth perhaps a few hundred dollars in the large size and if your print is smaller it would be worth much less. That's all I can tell you, and I hope that helps.

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Jeffrey Price


I can answer questions about the authenticity of graphic prints by M. C. Escher (Dutch 1898 - 1972. I can possibly help with evaluation, buying and selling M. C. Escher prints. PLEASE NOTE THAT MY EXPERTISE IS IN ARTWORK BY M. C. ESCHER ONLY.


I have been a collector and dealer in works by M. C. Escher for over 30, and my gallery in Connecticut is the only permanent retail gallery exhibiting and offering M. C. Escher's original artwork. For reference, see my websites and

Honors degree in Art History, UConn 1975, respected speaker and author concerning M. C. Escher's work for over 30 years.

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