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Hello, sending a pic. of a mad. %26 child. The painting was determined in the 1940's to have been restored by 1780's. The metropolitan museum of New York did the examination of the work(we have lost the paper work, but may have the x-rays)The late jack kelly a NY art expert gave his opinion that it was an Illsassoforato. Since the painting was restored by the late 1700's the painting we think could be 16th century ?? Thanks !!

Dear Stephen

It does look like a painting by Giovanni Battista Salvi called Sassoferrato, however the hands look a bit weak for a skillfull artist like Sassoferrato. Could you send me some additional pictures?

From what I have seen so far I would only say that it belonged to the circle of Sassoferrato, mostly because of the weak hands and because it is always more diffecult to give an opinion on the basis of photographs.

Best Regards, Soren

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