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We just purchased an oil "The Mountains" by Heinz Munnich in 1971 at an auction.  It is original and in great condition.  Can you help with the value of it?  If not, any other place to seek this information?  Thanks so much!

Title: German Mountain Scene
39" x 31"
(99.06cm x 78.74cm)
Created: not given
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Lot: 76
Auction House: DuMouchelles Auction House
Low Est.:    $300   
High Est.:    $500   
Hammer Price:    $400   
(03/12/2010 - 03/14/2010)

Landscape with mountains covered with snow  Heinz Ludwig Munnich (1900-1970) 1930     
Paintings $ 555 USD Hammer 40.55 in (height) x 64.96 in (width)
SALE DETAILS: September 14, 2009 Koller Auktionen, Zurich West (Lot 6608)
Winter landscape Heinz Ludwig Munnich (1900-1970) 1933 Paintings $ 1,538 USD
Hammer 31.00 in (height) x 28.00 in (width) SALE DETAILS: September 26, 2004 Agra-Art, Warsaw Fine Art & Contemporary Art (Lot 51)
In rose garden in the Dolomites Heinz Ludwig Munnich (1900-1970) Paintings $ 495 USD
Hammer    28.00 in (height) x 31.00 in (width) SALE DETAILS: July 08, 2004 Allgauer Auktionshaus, Kempten Summer Fine Art Auction (Lot 2176)
Snowy winter landscape Heinz Ludwig Munnich (1900-1970)Paintings $ 1,381 USD
Hammer 41.00 in (height) x 65.00 in (width)SALE DETAILS: October 09, 2002 Auktionshaus Michael Zeller, Lindau (Bodensee) Paintings & Fine Art (Lot 840)

View of Berchtesgaden with Watzmann Heinz Ludwig Munnich (1900-1970) Paintings
$ 645 USD Hammer 31.00 in (height) x 39.00 in (width)
SALE DETAILS: July 11, 2002 Allgauer Auktionshaus, Kempten Paintings & Works of Art (Lot 2626)
Mountain lake with shed Heinz Ludwig Munnich (1900-1970) Paintings $ 964 USD
Hammer    24.00 in (height) x 31.00 in (width) SALE DETAILS: November 09, 2000 Allgauer Auktionshaus, Kempten Autumn Auction (Lot 3367)
View of Oberstdorf with Krottenspitze and Kratzer Heinz Ludwig Munnich (1900-1970) Paintings
$ 1,314 USD Hammer 35.00 in (height) x 47.00 in (width) SALE DETAILS: July 12, 1996 Allgauer Auktionshaus, Kempten Oil Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings & Sculpture (Lot 1901)
We have a Kettemann that is similar that we are selling for $2200.

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