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Capps Oil Painting
Capps Oil Painting  
I have a large oil painting that I have had for quite awhile. It is a Geisha holding a little dog. The signature says "B.A. Capps, 66'". Can you provide any information about her, what a painting like this may be worth? I'm not familiar with what type of information you provide, but anything would be very much appreciated! :) Thank you, Dwight

The artist is not one that listed in some of the major art resources that we use. That doesn't always mean the artist has no talent or gifting. Van Gogh never sold a painting except to perhaps his brother. There are millions of artists.

Are you positive that it is oil on canvas? What are the dimensions? Can I get an image of the back of the frame and canvas? These will help me to give you a range of the value.  

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