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QUESTION: I just purchased an oil painting on wood panel  board.  It is signed in the top left hand corner with the signature 'G.Rouault'. The back of the painting contains the stamp 'COLLECTION ALEXIS DUPONT PARIS'.
The wood frame measures 28 by 25 1/2 inches and the image measures 23 x 21 1/2 inches.  The wood panel and frame are part of a single one piece vintage cabinet door.
The colors and the brush strokes  seem close to Rouault’s in my opinion. The painting is far removed from this artist better known works; however I have seen a few naturalistic early paintings by the man.
The subject is obvious: a mirror image of Velasquez’s girl character in the “Meninas” famous painting.
It was acquired it from an art collector. He purchased it from one of his art dealer friends I believe form either France or Spain. I hope that helps as it is the extent of my knowledge concerning its recent background.
I am obviously happy to send you any other one you might need.

ANSWER: What is your question?

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QUESTION: Thanks for your prompt reaction.
I will attempt to send you some photos of the work.
My question is wether you believe the painting to be an original Georges Rouault or a fake.
I shall be glad to send you any other material you would require
sincerely yours
Emmanuel Rosenstingl

ANSWER: Have you looked at the painting under a black light?

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QUESTION: yes indeed,you will see below a photo under strong black light, the reaction is very moderate  please input in your browser C:UsersuserPictures2010-05-03

Sincerely yours
Emmanuel Rosenstingl

There was no image.  My point was mainly the signature.  Not seeing it in-person would make it difficult to say if it was real.  I would contact those who have sold his work in major auction houses etc..  Are you in France or Germany? Are you a dealer or collector?  

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