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boy with rabbit
boy with rabbit  
I have a large picture print...very old...and the frame is also very old...I purchased it from a wealthy family who lived in our area whose mother was a well known artist in our area...Lou Hammond from Farmer NC...this picture was in her art studio and her daughters were cleaning up the art studio after the mother had passed away...I have never taken it out of the frame and it appears it has never been taken the signature is not visible ...under the frame...however I can see a seal of some sort like a crest in the lower right much is my picture worth?

Your picture is a printed reproduction of a painting hanging in The Royal Academy of Arts, London. Unfortunately, it has no significant value as fine art since it is a reproduction. The frame, although obviously old, also has no great value due to its poor contdtion.

This is the picture which is reproduced in your print:
Henry Raeburn (Scottish, 1756-1823). Henry Raeburn Inglis (Boy and Rabbit), 1814. Oil on canvas. 101.6 x 78.8 cm (40 x 31 1/32 in.).
The Royal Academy of Arts, London

the link to a reproduction of this picture is here:

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