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I have a picture by Rembrandt, don't know if it's water color or print but it has a texture to it and a gloss look.  The the paper seems about as thick as construction paper-not flimsy or shabby and has a dark brown, dark greenish color. The name of it I believe is "Girl At The Window" or "Girl Standing At The Window." What can you tell me about this piece. Thanks

Hi Shirley, sometimes artists like Renoir would make an etching and then water colors would be placed over them. I have personally not seen a Rembrandt print with watercolor, although that doesn't mean they don't exist. If yours is an etching, then the colors that are present on the work you own could be the colors of aging, seeing as these etchings are 400+ years old. As far as "Girl Standing at the Window", there are painting reproductions of this work (such as ) but they are not worth much, if anything. The work is currently doing the rounds in Europe, and I believe it is at the Museo del Prado in Spain next month (June 2010).


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