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Hi Joe,
I have a Salvatore Dali facsimile signed offset lithograph of the Wailing Wall (241/500) by RW Valentine (authorized agent of the publisher: Alexander Mobley) done in 1999.  All of this detail is on the Certificate of Authenticity on the backside of the piece.  Can you tell me about what it is worth and some direction of selling it?

Thanks - CJ

This is not something that my company, The Salvador Dali Society,, would handle. Please send me a jpeg of the certificate, as well as the image and I will research it for you. Send it to BTW - It is Salvador Dali, not Salvatore Dali. -Joe Nuzzolo

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I can answer almost any question you have regarding the works of Salvador Dali. I can make fair estimation of authenticity from a photograph. Absolute authenticity can only be determined with an in person examination of the artwork. You can also call me at 1-888-888-DALI (3254) or 310-937-4000 outside the U.S.


I am the President and Founder of The Salvador Dali Society have been dealing almost exclusively in Dali for the past 22 years. I have sold over 11,000 authentic hand signed works, as well as hundreds of originals; from drawings to oil paintings. I have consulted with law enforcement on matters concerning Salvador Dali. Please limit you questions to Salvador Dali, as that is my area of expertise.

President and Founder of The Salvador Dali Society.

I am the Administrator of the Salvador Dali page on Facebook.

I learned about Salvador Dali by immersing myself in the business from an early age. In the past 22 years over 11,000 Dali works have passed through my hands and I have archived my findings. Many dealers in the United States as well the FBI and local law enforcement have come to me for opinions on matters concerning the authenticity of works of art by Salvador Dali. Through my efforts numerous clients have received refunds for works of art by Dali they have purchases. In some cases those refunds were in excess of $100,000. Please limit your questions to matters concerning the works of Salvador Dali.

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