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In 1982, I bought a Durer print of A Young Owl at an estate sale containing a great deal of artwork from an old mansion in Baton Rouge, LA.   It is 5 5/16 inches by 7 3/16 inches and has the word "Kornmeyer" hand printed in a silvery substance on the back of the black/brown backing.   The little print is on paper and applied to a thin, dark backing that forms a thin, dark border around it.  The print is then attached to a yellow cloth matting and framed.  It had Chicago Antique auction house stickers on the frame's black with gold speckling, somewhat metallic enclosure backing, but the backing was removed and thrown away when the glass was replaced by an idiot professional glass cutter and framer.  I was unable to find it in their trash.  As a sidebar, it looks exactly like the size, frame, matting and print of the young owl on the Jefferson's apartment wall in "Moving on Up". I checked for a dot pattern and though I cannot say what it is, there is a consistent pattern like a lithograph or the thing was drawn or printed on fine canvas.  The same pattern appears in spots of white around the print along with what looks like a light application of plaster or white paint laid over the canvas with a palette knife.

Dear Robert,

I am familiar with the Durer print that you have as it has been much reproduced.

The word 'Kornmeyer' perhaps refers to the furniture store in Baton Rouge, of the same name.

It is difficult to say any more about your print without seeing it first hand but from what I can gather it is perhaps a reproduction. Nevertheless, it could be an antique reproduction as Kornmeyers first opened for trading in around 1800.

I would suggest that you take the print to a reputable, local auction house who will perhaps date and value it for you, for free.

Best wishes,


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