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I have a picture from Oberhauser, it's in very good condition and wanted to re frame it but was advised not to.  The gallery owner just cleaned it up and put the proper paper behind it and advised me to have it appaised.  By looking at the pictured I've enclosed, is it worth my time and money to have a proffesional look at it? The size is 38 by 22

Thank you

Hi Beth,

What a lovely painting. In order to answer your question completely, I would need to know more about the artwork.  For instance, does it have a signature? Is it oil on canvas or a print? Has it been restored? This is what any professional appraiser will look for when appraising the work.

In terms of the value of commissioning a professional appraiser, I can only offer you my experience as advice. Appraiser are good at informing you of listed artists and details around the artists. Most will charge $100 to $500 to do so. However, when it comes to putting a value on the artwork in terms of considering how much monetary gain you can potentially make off of it, you will find going to an appraiser to be misleading. I have had clients pay top dollar to get their artwork appraised and then take it to another appraiser to confirm the pricing or even to sell the artwork to, only to find the new appraiser feels it's worth is less than the first. The point is, an appraisal can put a price on a painting, however, it does not mean the artwork will sell for that amount. If you are trying to understand what this artists artwork typically sells for, there are a number of sites on the internet that can assist you with determining this. You can also contact galleries that sell this artists artwork. I would suggest doing a internet search on the artists name to identify galleries in your area. This will be the most cost effective and realistic way to gage how much the art is worth. If you are trying to sell the artwork one day, I would research and find a qualified fine art consultant to commission to sell the artwork for you. It will be their goal to get the highest price for the artwork so they can earn the highest commission. They will also market the painting for you as well.

I typically do not advise individuals to pay for a appraisal because I feel it's misleading, however, I hope my advise above has been helpful and feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.  

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