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I have a painting (or a copy?) of Napoleon sitting watching a woman dressed in white dancing.  There are other people in the room.
Can you tell me anything about the painter? His name is G. Schobel or S. Schobel.

Dear Diana,

This isn't my area of expertise as I'm a Renaissance art historian. I have however heard of the German artist,Georg Sch÷bel. He was born in 1860 and dies in 1941. There are various sites, mostly German which provide online biographies for him.

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Samantha Hughes-Johnson


I am an art historian and my speciality is Renaissance Florence, although I have an excellent knowledge of the Renaissance in Europe too. I can answer your questions regarding visual and textual primary sources produced during this period although I DO NOT APPRAISE PAINTINGS OR ANTIQUES.


I have experience in independent research and have produced several, as yet unpublished works. My research has taken me to London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Prague, Milan etc.

I belong to the Association of Art Historians.

I have a first-class honours degree in the humanities with art history, a postgraduate certificate in research methodology and I am currently researching towards my PhD.

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