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ein herbsttag
ein herbsttag  
Hi I have an original painting that I am trying to find some information on please.  It has an old sticker that is partly torn off, but does say "Ein Herbsttag"  Kunstmaler: Karl Schmidt...
It also has a tag in German from an art gallery.  I am attatching a photo of the painting, though it did not come out well.
Thank you.

Dear Kristi,

I'm actually a Renaissance art historian not an art appraiser. Nevertheless, I would advise you to take your painting to a reputable auction house and they should be able to appraise/attribute it for you for free.

Best wishes and a happy New Year,


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I am an art historian and my speciality is Renaissance Florence, although I have an excellent knowledge of the Renaissance in Europe too. I can answer your questions regarding visual and textual primary sources produced during this period although I DO NOT APPRAISE PAINTINGS OR ANTIQUES.


I have experience in independent research and have produced several, as yet unpublished works. My research has taken me to London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Prague, Milan etc.

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