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Renaissance Painting ?
Renaissance Painting ?  
The closest I have been able to find regarding the clothing in this painting is from the Renaissance 1500's era. Could you please confirm if this is correct and the possible date range and location where this would have been painted. In my research I found that this style of frame is close to an oil gilled tulle net which was popular in the 2nd quarter (1826 - 1850). I am not sure if this was painted in the Renaissance time period or later say 1800's. According to the auction descripition the artist name is Raymond. I have not yet received the painting but can follow up with a better description and pictures and another artist name if the auction company happen to misread it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you... Dave

Dear Dave,

With regard to the clothing (what I can see of it) I would say that the person depicted is meant to be a northern European gentleman from the 16th century. The red cloth and the fur collar that he wears would suggest that he was quite wealthy.

I can't however comment on the value, dating or attribution of the painting as I am an art historian rather than an art appraiser, which is something else entirely.

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