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Fine Art/art on paper with colorist work 1818??


Virgin Mary?
Virgin Mary?  
I found this piece of art at an estate sale and noticed that the paint was applied.  On bottom back inside of a rectangular box is the number 18, we think that it is the indication of the year and also wondered if the Christian cross indicates 19th century, thus 1818 artwork is covered with old glass

Dear James.

I'm a Renaissance art historian rather than a painting appraiser/valuer so to attribute a date to this work would be outside the realms of my expertise. I can though comment on the iconography and would tentatively suggest that this belongs to the 'Madonna if the Yarnwinder' genre.

If you require the picture to be dated or values I would recommend that you take it to a reputable auction house who will probably perform this task for free.

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I am an art historian and my speciality is Renaissance Florence, although I have an excellent knowledge of the Renaissance in Europe too. I can answer your questions regarding visual and textual primary sources produced during this period although I DO NOT APPRAISE PAINTINGS OR ANTIQUES.


I have experience in independent research and have produced several, as yet unpublished works. My research has taken me to London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Prague, Milan etc.

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