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I was given a painting by A.D greer "morning Mist" I cannot find anything about this painting .  Could you please answer concerning time frame and value.  Following is what is on back...
Reofect  line #2131A .order # 474, Morning mist, artist, Guer...
On the front left corner is a signigture, A.D. Greer  B.F co. Inc.
Thank you for your time
Harry Nelson

The artist you are referring to based off the information you provided is a American artist. I would need to see the artwork in order to provide you with time of creation. In terms of appraising the artwork, I would first have to ask how much you paid for it and how much do you feel it is worth? It's best to understand goals around the value of artwork when I work with individuals.

Additional information I would need is a image of the front, back and signature to confirm authenticity as well. If you would like me to do this, please forward the requested information to and I will respond to your questions.


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I can provide expertise around 19th Century American Fine Art and 19th Century African American Fine art. In particular, Hudson River School artists, Robert Scott Duncanson, Alexander Wyant, Maurice B Prendergast, Frank Russell Green, etc.


I consult, collect and sell rare, unique and hard to find 19th century African American and American master artwork. I have been a avid collector with my husband collectively for over 20 years now. I have a successful private practice where my clients specifically come to me to advise them on rare artwork that is beautiful, yet worthy investments. I feel I have become a subject expert on the artwork I focus on.

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