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no title on painting
no title on painting  
i have a painting that only has a signature of maurice. i researched and discovered an artist named maurice utrillo. i compared the first name signatures, because that was the only clue that i had. the signatures matched some what. i researched more and discovered utrillo's mother suzanne valadon would some times sign for him. she thought his hand writing was terrible. i also found out that maurice as a youngster refused to use his legally given last name utrillo. maurice was institutionalized for alcoholism. while there he began to paint landscapes for therapy. my painting is an errie landscape. maurice would sometimes barter sale his paintings for his necessities. my painting has bartering numbers on the rear of the canvas. the painting is oil on canvas, the colors on the painting are beautiful. the colors glow and shine. i discovered maurice used various ingredients (zinc) in his paint mixtures. the canvas size is 12.3/4 x 25.3/4 in. the painting is in excellent condition. i have taken very good care of all my collectibles. i purchased this painting at a yard sale 29 years ago. there is no provenance for the painting. i bartered for this painting as well. i have looked at hundreds of utrillo paintings, none are like it. i feel that it could be a landscape of the old saint anne hospital grounds. so far, every expert online has told me that "the painting does not look like any utrillo that they have seen". if this painting was a bartered street sale, there is not inventory of it. no one has seen it, besides the person whom first purchased the painting and myself. please help me with my quandary. thanks.

Dear Duane,

Your investigations are admirable - well done.

It is difficult these days to comment, simply from an image, on whether a painting is an original or a machine copy. You would do well to look at the back of the canvas to see if there are any numbers or markings there. These could well help you.

I would advise too that if you are looking to date, attribute or place a value on the painting, then take it to a reputable auctioneer who will probably do this for you for free.

Like the other experts that you have contacted, I must agree that stylistically, this is very unlike Maurice Utrillo's work.

Best wishes,


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