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i have an oil painting.the name signed on it is gregory.thats all it says is gregory.we would really like to find out who this artist is.could i email you a picture of his painting and his signature?

Hi Gregory,

You artwork sounds interesting, however, research to find a the name of the artist with limited information takes time and extensive research. I typically charge clients for this service. If you would like me to research the artwork, I would be happy to, however, I will need to charge a fee. If this works for you, please forward the images and details around the note to the following email. Once I review the materials, I will be able to provide you with a quote.

The email is


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Qeturah Rasyth


I can provide expertise around 19th Century American Fine Art and 19th Century African American Fine art. In particular, Hudson River School artists, Robert Scott Duncanson, Alexander Wyant, Maurice B Prendergast, Frank Russell Green, etc.


I consult, collect and sell rare, unique and hard to find 19th century African American and American master artwork. I have been a avid collector with my husband collectively for over 20 years now. I have a successful private practice where my clients specifically come to me to advise them on rare artwork that is beautiful, yet worthy investments. I feel I have become a subject expert on the artwork I focus on.

I belong to Black Art in America. I have been featured on their website. I belong to Jack and Jill of America

My writing has been featured on Black Art in American Dec 2010. I have three blogs: Private Collectors of Decorative Arts, Hudson River School Collectors, African American Art Collectors.

I am a former graduate from Univerisity of Washington in Seattle, Washington. I studied sociology and psychology.

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