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Hello, i am not sure if you can help me or not but i have an oil on canvas painting that was left to me by my aunt who passed away last year. I know nothing other than it was given to her as a gift by someone she new in her past. She had the painting for about 20 yrs and i always admired it. It looks to be some type of fishing villiage and its signed tongo.please help if you can or maybe you can redirect me to someone else. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Ive attached several photos.

Dear Martin,

I'm a Renaissance art historian rather than an art appraiser. Nevertheless, I suggest that you take the painting to a reputable auction house and they may be able to appraise/attribute it for free.

Best wishes and a happy New Year,


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Samantha Hughes-Johnson


I am an art historian and my speciality is Renaissance Florence, although I have an excellent knowledge of the Renaissance in Europe too. I can answer your questions regarding visual and textual primary sources produced during this period although I DO NOT APPRAISE PAINTINGS OR ANTIQUES.


I have experience in independent research and have produced several, as yet unpublished works. My research has taken me to London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Prague, Milan etc.

I belong to the Association of Art Historians.

I have a first-class honours degree in the humanities with art history, a postgraduate certificate in research methodology and I am currently researching towards my PhD.

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