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The jedgment of paris
The jedgment of paris  
Hello Dear mr,Soren i am looking for assistance in learning more about my Lucas Cranach the Elder's print, The Jedgment Of Paris
an exact print [Facsimile]? of an Original Painting i think thise
print done by the artist? can you tell me any more about this specific print in your opinion please.The condition of the print
is good, i bought a long time ago from an art dealer.The dimensions of print,18 1 X 25 3 cm {Aprox}paper.Details on sheet;4 CRANACH [German] 1472-1553
The Judgment of Paris
Painted about 1528.40 18 x 28''
The Metropolitan Museum of art, New York
Thank you very much indeed.

Dear K.L.R

Your print is made by the MET as a souvenir. Cranach had nothing to do with this print - it is like a poster, but of better printing quality.

The original is owned by the MET.

Best Regards, Soren

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