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hello I have an oil painting that has been in the family for about 60 years , it seems to be a copy of the Madonna Orante by Sassoferrato I have seen that there is many copies of this painting and that many of them are originals,  one in the Museo del prado another in Italy and others that I have seen that have been sold in Christies. Could you with the photo I send tell me what you think about it. The part of our family where the painting came from where very well position people in madrid in  1900 , also  very  religios people , I know the painting is been hanging in my grandmas cousins ( born aprox 1910) bedroom for ever but don´t know where in came from before that. can you help? regards teresa

Dear Teresa

Sassoferrato had many followers and telling an original from a copy is diffecult without seeing the painting first hand. I think yours is one if the better I have seen, the hands are very wellpainted and the draperies as well. I guess yours is done by an artist in the circle of Sassoferrato, however I will suggest you to contact your local museum or auction house and show them the painting. Christies or Sothebys is prefered if you live in a bigger city.

I am sorry I cant be of more help.

Best Regards, Soren

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