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Degas dancer
Degas dancer  
Hi Andrew,

I have what I believe is a Edgar Degas charcoal with white chalk Print/original, which, is under glass. Here's what I know...I think. The image is on gray 140lb archival wove paper, the chalk is 3D and the image is approx- 15 1/2in X 10 1/2in. I can't the age because it appears to have been reframed maybe thirty-years ago or so.

When it comes to navigating through the internet I consider myself very, very capable. But, when I tried to find out the history of this Degas piece, I hit a wall. That's until a couple days ago, when I came upon a website( which had a picture the same Degas as mine. Theirs, as you can see from the photo, is more 'raw' than mine. They make the statement " We have looked at ALL DRAWINGS by EDGAR DEGAS and have found absolutely no reproductions of this yet un-named work of art".
Then what do I have?

Ps. sorry 'bout the pic quality. I had to use cell, but I'll use camera if you'd like more photos.

Thanks for your time, Andrew



Hello Roger,

I have searched through auction records as well as the catalogue raisonnes for Degas' prints and drawings and have not come across this image.  If you spotted this image on another site, it is unlikely that it would be a unique original work.  However, the other site did seem a bit unreliable...I would highly recommend contacting a reputable auction house such as Bonhams at to see if they might be able to provide further information regarding the identity of this work.  

I wish that I had more information to provide.  Without its inclusion in the catalogue raisonne, I would surmise that this work might be a high quality reproduction, but I certainly recommend contacting Bonhams to see what they think.

Best of luck in your search!

Andrew Evans

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