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Possible Hudson River School Painting
Possible Hudson River  
Hello Stuart
I have what I believe to be a Hudson River School painting (shown, measures 36x22), and a Hudson River School style painting (stamped on its reverse and its stretcher "The Metropolitan Museum of Art Permit to Copy Issued 23 O 46" (a bit larger), and a painting which appears to predate the Hudson River School era, but which I think captures the Hudson River (much smaller). All three are unsigned. I'm rather new to this forum, and I hope that I have not overstepped in submitting questions on three paintings. If there is a limit of one painting per correspondence, I would greatly appreciate any advice, suggestions, leads, etc. that you might be able to provide on the painting shown in the attached photo. I am a novice, and my research to this point has been limited to a Google Image search using the term "Hudson River School painting" (alas, no matches).
With sincere appreciation,

You have correctly labelled your artwork as "Antique" and I wholeheartedly think you might market this as "in the style of the Hudson River School".  This is a very typical scene of the school depicting the grandness of the then American frontier...nature at its finest in big bold terms...dominating the scene while man's footprint is miniscule and undisturbing of nature.  "Sublime nature." "Transcendentalism." "Luminism."  All the hallmarks of the Hudson River School.  

However, this artwork does not look to be done at the hand of an accomplished fine artist.  It looks to be a more commercial work, likely produced to be reproduced...this was very popular...and frankly why many artists worked in the late nineteenth produce scenes of our new country for travel books and periodicals.  Lithographic techniques were developing and flourishing at the time, allowing mass reproduction of pictures, and Hudson River School style landscapes were perfect for printers.  Currier and Ives being a famous such printer.

Long story short, you might still wish an auction house or gallery owner to eyeball your work.
They could certainly give you a better feel for the marketability of your piece, if that is what you seek.  Two such outlets, I'd suggest since you live in NH:

1. Jamie LaFleur at the Banks Gallery in Portsmouth NH.  
2. The Cobbs Auctioneers in Peterborough, NH

Finally, for the piece you believe predates the Hudson River School (perhaps it is a naive landscape or a portrait?) you might wish to consult with Northeast Auctions in Portsmouth as well.  Don't be shy about approaching any of these well-known, trusted professionals.  They won't bite!  In fact, they are very helpful to novices.  

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