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I recently purchased a Picasso. I have no idea what it is and I was looking for some clarification. It is a large framed piece that appears to be fabric? It is signed on the left hand side and then the name Spadem appears underneath. It was framed at a business in Dayton, OH in the late 1970's but other than that I have no info.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Noelle,
This piece looks to be a reproduction produced by SPADEM (the Société de la Propriété Artistique et des Dessins et Modules), signed in the print.  SPADEM is a copyright protection and collection society in France formed by visual artists and their heirs. This organization defends the legal rights of artists, ensuring that they receive the credit and profit due to them from the sale and distribution of their works.  SPADEM is a legitimate organization that does publish reproductions of artist’s works.  However, these works differ from original, hand signed and editioned prints such as those seen on the following link:
These SPADEM produced works unfortunately have little or no collectable value, but they do allow us to enjoy the wonderful images created by famous artists such as Picasso.
I hope that this information can be of assistance!
Andrew Evans

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