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Bullfight drawing
Bullfight drawing  
I inherited this drawing and as I am aware it is an original Francisco Goya drawing from the Bullfight series but please correct me if I'm wrong. It's signed "goya" on the left side amidst the ground. I would also like to know more about the drawing, the techniques used, if it's a lithograph, its medium or material if possible, to which period does it belong? Moreover, if you can please include an estimate.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Hania

What you have is not a drawing but an etching with aquatint.

It is called "Modo con que los antiguos españoles cazaban los toros á caballo en el campo" from La Tauromaquia. The first edition is from 1815-1816.

Value depends on edition and condition. It is impossible for me to tell from pictures if you have an original or a later reprint. You would have to show it somebody who can tell after first hand inspection. If original and in good condition the value will be approx 2000 dollars.

Best Regards, Soren  

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