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Painting by Ramon Durand
Painting by Ramon Dura  
Dear Mr. Cartwright,

I live in Los Angeles County, in the Lakewood/Downey area. I have a medium size oil on board? Floral painting, flowers in a vase with fruit around on the table, in a horizontal octagonal shape frame that is 2 wide, and the painting itself is 28" W x 18" H. The artist is Ramon Durand, who I can find nothing about by searching the web.

My grandmother purchased the painting in the early 1930's from a gallery in Seattle (not San Francisco as I said in my earlier communication) that is no longer in business. The gallery location is now a small museum, and they were not able to help. The small Label in the rear upper left hand corner of the frame says: A. E. SCHNEIDER 421 UNION ST. SEATTLE.

The painting seems to be in its original condition, in its original frame, and has never been cleaned or had anything done to it at all as far as I can tell. It appears to me to be in very good condition. I will attempt to attach 4 photos I took, one at a time: Full Front, Full Back, close up of Signature at front lower right, and rear Label close up.

If you can help with any information as to the artist and the potential value of the painting, please let me know. Thanks very much for your time.

Dennis Owen

Outstanding communication. All questioners on this board could learn from you. Not only did you attach a good photo, and much description of your piece, but you included the area in which you live.  This permits me to direct you to a nearby expert who can look directly at your artwork.

In this case, I'd suggest you have a local auction house give you an estimate.  Kaminski Auctions California, 9312 Civic Center Dr.,Beverly Hills, CA. 90210.  Kaminski is based on the East Coast, but has recently added expertise in your area with an LA office.  

I do not believe you have the work of a listed fine artist.  So right away, many galleries will not be interested.  An auctioneer may well judge this piece for its own beauty, and decide to list your piece as "American School" or "Early California" or attach some other such moniker. It would be more likely to list in a "Decorative Arts" or "Antiques" sale, and unless I am missing something, it might list for $50-200 at best.  But that is a wild guess, sight unseen. And I am not well versed in pricing decorative art pieces. The old gallery sticker would confirm that it is an authentic piece from the early twentieth century.

Best of luck,  

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