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This unsigned art has been in our family since the early 1950's.  My father picked it up from a bar owner in western Montana that claimed it was close to 100 year old then. It had hung near a fireplace in that bar for many years, hence the smoke stains on the frame. Trying to identify artst and landscape area/subject, if possible.  Any idea on value would be great as well. There are two surface scrathces to the left of the trees. Frame is gold painted plaster with a couple chips.  The painting is on academy board, almost a slate, from AH Abbott in Chicago.
Thank you in advance.
Scott W

Hi there,

This is a nice work of art. Unfortunately the mountain range is not one that I am familiar with and at first glance I would not say it is in America unless in the North West.  If it is of the northwest, it could possibly be of the Hudson River School style, but my thoughts are it resembles California schoool style. Can you forward a image of the back of the artwork? The frame is quite nice as well and may be the most valuable thing about the artwork (not to say the artwork is worthless. After I review these, I can give you a better answer. If you would like you can send them to my personal email at


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