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Impressionist still life?
Impressionist still li  
hello, I purchased this painting from goodwill because i really liked the frame and intended to use it for my own work but i ended up really liking the painting. I was hoping you could help me find more information about the piece. I m an artist and art lover but am a novice when it comes to recognizing art and artists. I originally thought it might be dutch because of the still life and the colors used but most dutch still life's i saw were more realistic and this seems more like an impressionist style. i am attaching a picture of the painting which seems to be oil on canvas in a beautiful wooden frame. i also have a picture of a close up of the signature if you would like to see that please tell me how to get it to you because it seems i can only upload one image. the signature isn't extremely hard to read some of the letters are just hard to decipher. it looks like it says "Lourengo" possibly, but im not certain.
please let me know if you need anything else from me. thank you for your time.

Hi John,

Thanks for your question. I like the painting, but there's a naievity in the draughtsmanship which makes me think it is unlikely to be by a 'known' artist. However he/she handles paint well, there are some nice elements; pleasant, decorative, has a well balanced composition and a clear nod to Turners palette. I suspect the signature reads 'Lorenzo' - by all means, please email me a close up of the signature and I'll see if I can hunt the artist down. An image of the back plus any canvas or stretcher stamps would also prove useful.

Kind regards,

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