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Jean Stokkermans wrote at 2012-01-04 13:06:16
Dear Trish, Dear Tim,

I happened to see this posting as I was looking through the web for information on the same artist. I was curious as my parents bought a picture from him in La Paz in the 60's.

My conclusion is that the artist is really Moises Chire Barrientos (1932 Oruro - Bolivia, started exposing in 1948 and has won prices in Bolivian expositions). See:

If you look closely at pictures on google, you will see that the signature reads as Mhire Barrientos.


Jean-Marie Stam wrote at 2012-01-10 08:47:42
Hello; I saw this question as I was looking on the internet for more information on this artist, as my  parents have a painting by him too. I think the artist is Moises Chire Barrientos, a contemporary bolivian artist born in Oruro in 1932. If you google pictures by him, you will see the signature reads as Mhire Barrientos, where the M is a contraction of an M and a C. See also

Chire barrierntos seems well known in Bolivia. His later work (>1989) is criticized for being too comercial but his earlier work seems well liked.

J. Stam

Jean Stokkermans wrote at 2012-01-11 12:26:58

By mistake I posted the same answer twice (one under my maiden name Stam and one under my married name Stokkermans). I am sorry about that. Would it be possible to delete either one of the answers? Tnaks!


Chuck wrote at 2015-12-24 16:57:21
Nearly 20 years ago I met Chire Barrientos on a central plaza in La Paz, Bolivia where, on Sundays, artists display the work for sale. The magnificent painting of his that I bought is my prized possession. It depicts in his unique style a landscape of the altiplano and surrounding mountains apparently at dusk with clouds of perhaps an impending storm - shades of red, orange, brown, tinges of black of the oncoming nighttime, and at the top some purple and hints of blue of remaining daylight. I later visited his store in La Paz and examined other incredible works (at somewhat higher prices as I recall). As noted elsewhere my painting is signed Mhire Barrientos.

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