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signature area
signature area  
I have a drawing that appears to be dated 1909.  I can make out "Madrid" and "22" but that is all.  Signature does appear in lower right area.  I do have a full length photo of the print I can send also.  Print is in a sealed frame and I have not opened the back.  Any assistance would be welcomed.  Thank you

Hi Gina,

Sadly the photograph is a little out of focus and to be of further help I'd need to see the full picture. If you are able to email ( or upload further images I should be able to help you further. If you can get a clear shot of the signature which is just above Madrid (you might have a macro function on your camera, the button will have a small icon of a flower next to it and it enables the camera to focus on close up objects) that would be very helpful.

I can tell you the writing lower left is 22 Aout 1909 - which is 22nd August 1909 - coincidentally also my birthday.

Because the date is written in French, it is probably safe to assume the artist was also French.

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