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I have recently aquired some signed lithograpghs from my father. He told me they were in his home growing up and doesn't remember a time when they wern't there. I have identified the artist as H.F. Wagner, or Frank Hugh Wagner of 1870. I would just like to find more information on him. I am not looking for an estimate on the pictures I just want to get a sense of who he was, and what his body of work consisted of. Any information at all would be wonderful. Thank you for you time.
- Amanda

Dear Amanda,

Regrettably there is not a wealth of information on Wagner. He is mentioned in both the 'Who Was Who In American Art' (Peter Falk, 1985) and 'Art and artists of Indiana' (Mary Quick Burnet, 1921) - I assume the Who Was Who consulted Mary Quick Burnet's work as the information is essentially identical.

He lived at Oak Farm in Milford, Wayne County, Indiana, which is also where he was born in 1870. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago where his tutors were Freer, Vanderpoel and Von Salza. He was a member of the Hoosier Salon as well as the PCC (possibly the Paint and Clay Club). A religious work of his titled the 'Adoration of the Magi' is in St Joseph's Chapel, West Pullman, Illinois. He also appears to have painted miniatures on Ivory, some of which were exhibited at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in California, 1915. Other works can be found in Chapel Hall, Danville, Indiana. He certainly spent some time painting in France, as four Parisian scenes by Wagner have appeared on the market since 1991.

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