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oil lady portrait
oil lady portrait  
Hi Timothy,could you please have a look at the photo I have attached and help me with any information about artist and date, and if it could be any value. I found it among my parents belongings after they passed away. I think it is oil on canvas. The canvas is very fine weave almost like silk. It has some damage down the left side in the part that looks like curtains and a vase of roses. It has lots of crackling to the paint.  Ican't see any artis signature or marking. it measures 27cm by 35cm.Thank you very much for your time, Donna

Hi Donna,

What a beautiful and interesting portrait! It certainly has some value, it's 19th century and a very appealing subject. I notice your from NZ - I grew up in NZ and have a fairly good knowledge of NZ artists of this period and must assume it didn't originate there. I find it hard to place it although I'm leaning towards South America or Spain. I would guess your parents or grand parents were immigrants to NZ - do you know where from?

Are you able to forward me further images? I would ideally like to see the back and some details of the objects at left. My email address is

Kind regards,

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