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Good Day,
We dug up a painting when we moved into a new house.  The painting is signed "Barton" in Capital letters in the right lower corner.  It is an oil painting done on canvas, but unfortunately the canvas seemed to be glued to a board.  I do not want to remove the painting from the board, as I am afraid this might damage the painting.  The painting is obviously a street/market scene from Paris, as the Eiffel tower is in the background.  But the buildings and some other features look old.  I have no idea who this Barton might be, as I have tried to do some research, but the artists that have similar surnames, does not paint the same style as the painting I have got.  Please assist.  Kind Regards, Michelle Roselt

Hi Michelle,

Regrettably the majority of Parisian street scenes were either mass produced with invented names, or by Montmartre street artists and aimed at tourists. If (as I suspect) your painting falls within those categories, it will be almost impossible to find any information on this Barton person. However, please feel free to email me an image and I will offer a more informed opinion.

Kind regards,

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