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Mr. Evans.  I have a print that was framed in 1967 by Rudolph Lesch Fine Arts Inc. It is entitled "Stilllife with Fruit" with Pochoir hand-coloring by Georges Braque.  It is about 18x20 inches and in excellent condition. Could you provide me with an approximate value of this print? We bought it at a thrift store about 10 years ago and were wondering if it is valuable. My husband and I did some searching and were excited that Georges Braque was a renowned artis that hung out with Picasso! I am hoping it is worth a bundle...but if it is not, we love having it as art in our home.  The detail is incredible.  We actually had to remove the back of the framing to determine if it was canvas or a print.  I have attached a picture of the print. Thank you in advance for your time!

Braque Signature
Braque Signature  
Hi Kim,

Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso are often described as the pioneers of Cubism, and you can see similarities in a lot of their work. The work you have shared with me here is from Braque's later years when he go into still life works.

Take a look at these Braque prints, namely "Nature morte aux fruits, 1950" . 'Still life' in French is 'nature morte'. Authentic Braque prints range in price from $5,000 to $50,000, sometimes more.

Does your piece have an edition number in the bottom left? I cannot see it in the image.

Does the signature, when you look at it really really closely, look like it is truly from a drawing utensil like a pencil or similar? Cheap fakes have the signature printed on.

Around the edges of the image there should be the slightest indentation from the paper being pressed strongly against the stone it was created on.

Lastly, I would recommend not taking it out of the frame just yet as some images' colors start changing within hours of being exposed to the elements. A professional framer knows how to handle works of fine art correctly.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for sharing this work.

Andrew Evans

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