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Dont know
Dont know  
Hello, I purchased a supposed Marc Chagall, litho or watercolor. I was wondering if you could tell if it was real or not. It is a 12 x 9 watercolor (I think) on a 14 x 16 piece of what appears to look and feel like watercolor paper. I was told it was from the 1950's. I could not find it on any websites that feature or have pics of his works. I dont know how many images I'm allowed to send, but can send pics of his "signature" or additional pics of the painting. Thanks for your help.
Regards, Ralph

Marc Chagall signature
Marc Chagall signature  
Hello Ralph,

Can you send me an image that shows the signature and the edge of the image? Lithographs have a distinctive plate marking on the edges of the image. I can see some type of marking around the image, but it looks odd. The colors are extremely bright too. And I do not see an edition number, which is usually in the bottom left or bottom right margin.

Thank you,

Andrew Evans

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